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Creative Church Experiment SnoCo

Creative Church Experiment SnoCo
"Create With a Purpose"

Exploring our Creativity as participants in God's Ongoing Creation

Are you...
an Artist?   an Actor?   a Crafter?   a Musician?  
a Baker?   a Hobbyist?   a Writer?   a Free-Spirit? 


Someone who wants to let your inner creativity out but isn't sure how or if you you have any creative gifts?

Then, maybe Creative Church Snohomish will interest you.  It is a new experimental worship idea that allows all people to join together to explore their spirituality through creative experiences. Drawing on the example of God the Creator, we will gather for scripture, prayer, creative activities, discussion, and supportive fellowship. We hope all will engage with their creative sides to explore emotions, share experiences, ponder the tough questions without easy answers, and discover who they were created to become.

This is an intentional small community where lay leadership will be trained to continue after the group reaches about 30 people. Our Pastor/Facilitator will then move on to grow a new small community elsewhere. But she will still be with us to guide and provide word and sacrament as needed.

If you are as excited about this as we are, please contact us at

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Fine Arts

Kitchen Arts

Crafting Arts

Garden Arts

Fiber Arts

Performance Arts



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