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Hello and Welcome to Creative Church Experiment SnoCo! My name is Deb Mach and I am a rostered pastor in the ELCA who is looking for new ways to gather as spiritual people using creativity as a means of growing closer to God.  


For me, spirituality is found in those places where I feel my creativity flowing. I believe God is still creating in the world, always reforming what is NOW into something new and necessary for the world. 

I believe that spiritual experiences don't have to happen in a church building. In fact, for some who have been hurt by the traditional church, and those with doubts, public places and homes are much more welcoming and safe. There are no rules about who can participate, what you must wear, who you love, what you believe or don't believe in your spiritual journey, and no expectations that you have to share what you create. That is up to you to decide. 

But gathering together for a meal and for a creative activity with a spiritual focus, and including Scripture/Spiritual readings and prayer, we create a community of welcome and belonging. Creative Church Experiment SnoCo is my hope for building an inclusive, creative community where we support one another as we grow deeper in faith and closer to God.

I look forward to meeting you soon!



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